Put on Your Coat – We’re Traveling Across Siberia in Winter!

We’re a British/American married couple who love to travel. From January-March 2018 we spent almost 10 weeks traveling from Hong Kong to London, by train. Follow along as we explore China and Mongolia, take the Trans-Siberian train across Russia, and finally travel through the Baltics and Europe back to the United Kingdom.

Click here to start at the beginning, in Hong Kong.

Our Favorite Posts From This Trip

Lanterns in Man Mo Temple Hong Kong

Leaving Hong Kong

It's finally here. Moving day. We haven't slept well all week. As you probably know when moving house, no matter ...
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Potala Palace Lhasa Tibet

7 Years, erm, 5 Days in Tibet

Queues don’t exist in Tibet. Zak, Rachel and I are in the middle of a crowd of jostling nomads from ...
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Jiayuguan: He Says, She Says

We took a 1-day tour of Jiayuguan (Gee-Uh-You-Gwon), the town at the westernmost end of The Great Wall. It was ...
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Lunar New Year in Mongolia

I’ve just been handed a large drinking bowl of white liquid, and there are ten pairs of eyes fixated on ...
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First Class on the Trans-Siberian Train

48 hours on the train across Russia from Irkutsk in Siberia, to Yekaterinburg right on the border of Asia and ...
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Tallinn, Estonia: OMG, It’s So Cute!

And just like that, we enter the European Union! After our four days in St. Petersburg, we took an 8-hour ...
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