Put on Your Coat – We’re Traveling Across Siberia in Winter!

We’re a British/American married couple traveling from Hong Kong to London, by train. Follow along as we explore China and Mongolia, take the Trans-Siberian train across Russia, and finally travel through the Baltics and Europe back to the United Kingdom.

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And Finally … Home Again!

After Berlin we spent a very cozy three days with our friends in Amsterdam. Our motivation for sightseeing was about ...
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Berlin: East and West

Time is flying by - Berlin is our penultimate stop before getting back to London after this crazy trip! We've ...
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Warsaw Old Town (+ the train to Berlin!)

After an all-day bus ride from Vilnius, we arrived in Warsaw. We'd both been here before on business trips and ...
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Rediscovering Vilnius (with heaping spoonfuls of sour cream!)

We're a bit behind on our blogging at this point in the trip. The travel's starting to wear us down ...
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Tallinn, Estonia: OMG, It’s So Cute!

And just like that, we enter the European Union! After our four days in St. Petersburg, we took an 8-hour ...
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Art and Culture in St. Petersburg

We arrived in St. Petersburg at 8:30AM.  Oh how thrilled we were to: 1) be finished with our long train ...
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